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    Pastor Chris Oyakhilome teachings on Christian marriage emphasizes that a husband is the master of a family. He tries to solve marital status brought about by the mentality that women have of been equal to their partners. Men are the head of the union, and it is the role of the female partner to...
    September 1, 2017 · health
    Foot pain has been established to be a major symptom of many foot ailments.it is for this reason that doctors recommend foot pain medication as a way of dealing with some of this illness. The function of the foot on a human being are many, and in the event, you get a foot pain, then your...
    Bear hunters know that the kind of rifle they choose should go hand in hand with shopping for the right scope. The techniques you use in bear hunting determines the type of scope you will use. If you choose to hunt for bears at point blank, then a smaller magnification scope will be appropriate....
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