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Baby-friendly hotels in London

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London is a fantastic place to visit, with a massive choice of attractions, great places to eat and drink, lots of nice shops and plenty of things you can do as a family.

The British museum can be a fantastic place to visit as a family – your baby might not appreciate it as much – but entry is free, and it is home to some amazing objects such as the Parthenon Sculptures, the Rosetta Stone, and the Egyptian Mummies, that’s not to mention any special exhibitions they may have at the time of your visit.

Another massively famous tourist attraction is to see Big Ben. Big Ben is actually the name of the bell inside the clock tower which is attached to the houses of parliament. You can’t usually explore the inside of the clock tower, but it’s possible to tour the inside of the Houses of Parliament.

Whether you’re visiting London as a tourist or for another reason, it’s important that you stay somewhere baby friendly. A lot of new parents may worry that now that they have a baby that something like a city break or a trip somewhere new isn’t possible anymore, but thankfully there are plenty of places to stay where the owners can provide taste with toddlers and know what it takes to provide adequately for your baby.

A lot of holiday accommodation may not allow small children or any children at all, but it’s important that your Hotel understands your baby’s needs and is run by the kind of people who know that it takes far more than a travel cot and a highchair to make the perfect child-friendly hotel even if they can’t arrange best baby cribs.

Another option besides hotels is to have a short stay in an apartment.

Sometimes staying in an apartment can be much less hassle than staying in a hotel, especially if you value your own space and like having access to your own kitchen. And just because it’s a swanky apartment in a city center doesn’t mean that they won’t be child-friendly. Many apartments may provide high chairs or many essential items you couldn’t reasonably take on a flight with you.

Where ever you choose to stay in London, make sure you make a quick phone call to ensure it’s the right place for you.

Enjoy your stay in London!

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