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Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Teachings on Perfect Marriage

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Pastor Chris Oyakhilome teachings on Christian marriage emphasizes that a husband is the master of a family. He tries to solve marital status brought about by the mentality that women have of been equal to their partners. Men are the head of the union, and it is the role of the female partner to understand them.

Many people think that the husband should understand the wife but it ought to be the other way. It is essential to know the needs of your man. Marrying a man means you are submitting to his authority. The Bible states that the man is the head of a house and the woman must respect him. Women who fail to honor their partners become rebellious, and God hates such action.

According to the God’s word, a man was given the responsibilities while a woman was to help them work on the duties. Married women need to obey and listen to their husband as they please them. Ladies should not play sister or mother to their lovers. Pastor Chris said that a man’s love belongs to God who he serves and his good wife for helping him. A wise wife influences her husband to achieve greater things, unlike a foolish one who always annoys him.

The biblical creation story highlights that God created all animals, both sexes, but for human beings, he only created a man. He later realized that it was good to give the man a companion and decided to make a woman from the man’s rib. A woman was not in God’s original plans according to the creation story in the bible.

Women are similar to the properties of a man according to the book of Exodus 20:17. The New Testament continues to show that the women are under the authority of a man. In churches, women should not teach or lead in any ministry and men have the power to head the house of the Lord. A man represents the glory and image of God while a woman is the man’s glory. You should remember that you came from the man and live under his rule.

Islam has the same perspective about women regardless of it coming after Christianity. Muslim husbands have permission to punish their disobedient wives. It amused Chris on how the apologists encourage domestic violence. Islamic leaders advocate for wife battling provided the man does not leave any mark on her body. The pastor condemns the beating part.

It is a myth that God cares about human welfare according to both the Koran and Bible. According to the two books, some known leaders could condemn a certain social activity like eating pork but participate in practices that are against the human welfare. For instance, Prophet Muhammad got a six-year-old girl as his wife and consummated the union when she turned nine years.

Modern interpreters try to show the women position in the holy books. Believers detach themselves from bible verses that recognize men as the source of authority. They are no longer applying teachings from the Old Testament that talk about an ideal Christian marriage and women submission.

Muslim lawmakers and Zealous Christian opposed the bill to end women discrimination in Nigeria. In a modern family, both parties are equal with no master and slaves in the relationship. Pastor Oyakhilome values the welfare of all humankind and feels concerned about what many churches are preaching regarding marriages.

The humanitarian blames the preachers for the corrupt generations. He talks of the measures the nation must take to survive. Chris Oyakhilome is ready to challenge such sermons to change the mindset of his fellow Nigerians.

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